About The PAC


HAPAC is an independent, non-partisan political action committee for the Hindu American community. HAPAC’s mission is to identify and support new federal candidates or incumbents who prioritize and are committed to religious freedom, civil and human rights, and other Hindu American interests.

What does HAPAC want to do?

  • Protect and promote the religious liberty and civil rights of Hindu Americans.
  • Make the religious freedom and human rights of Hindus in other parts of the world a priority in U.S. foreign policy on par with trade, security, and other strategic interests.
  • Promote other policies impacting the broader interests of Hindu Americans.
  • Cultivate and support the next generation of Hindu American policy makers.

What kinds of candidates does HAPAC consider endorsing?

  • Candidates who are committed to one or more of the objectives of the PAC.
  • A candidate who is running against a candidate (or incumbent) whose interests run counter to the objectives of the PAC.

Who runs HAPAC?

Currently, the board of directors for HAPAC are as follows:

  • Mihir Meghani, Chair
  • Sheetal R. Shah
  • Nikhil Joshi
  • Rishi Bhutada, Treasurer